More About Me


As a former litigation attorney, Bryninn provides excellent guidance and insight to his clients helping them make decisions through important and often complex real estate transactions.

A law degree, MBA degree, and diverse work experience set Bryninn apart as a Real Estate Professional.  It all translates into a better result for the client.  He has worked as a project manager in health care and the mining industry; worked with small business with start-ups; and practiced law as a courtroom litigator and a custom contracts expert.

Bryninn has worked with real estate in many forms, including contracts while as an attorney, landlord-tenant litigation, and drafting custom language for commercial real estate contracts, which inspired him to enter the field as an agent.  Bryninn believes that people deserve more skill and expertise from their real estate agents, which is why he decided to become licensed as a real estate agent himself.  The complex transaction process requires expert management.  Bryninn's clients are empowered by working with an Agent having a rare understanding of property law and contract law.  He understands financing, assets, costs, and other important factors that are a part of all real estate transactions.  Bryninn teaches and support his clients with this strong training and experience because he cares about their experience.

Bryninn loves the greatness of the West and Idaho.  He has lived in Nevada, Colorado, and then moved to Idaho in 1994.  He currently lives in the Treasure Valley and loves to be involved in the local community.  He supports and understands real problems facing our communities and families today, especially from his experience overcoming addiction years in the past.  As he maintains his recovery, he spends time every week volunteering and serving those suffering and struggling in his community.

Bryninn would love to talk and meet with you to help you understand your decisions and develop a plan to a successful and rewarding real estate experience that you will not find anywhere else.